All mom really wants is a great "Christmas card" worthy picture!

Dad would rather be anywhere else besides in front of a camera!

The kids are fighting!  

As we approach the Fall season, which for photographers, is THE busiest time of year, here are my top 10 tips to make your family photo session run smoothly.....

1.  Get your session booked early. Don't wait until the last minute. That causes lots of undue stress. Give yourself enough time to get on your favorite photographers calendar, so they're not 'squeezing' you in. You want to allot enough time for their post production edits, and enough time to order those holiday cards!

2.  Plan your outfits ahead of time. Wear colors your husband will be comfortable with, and something not out of the ordinary for him. Warm color tones are great for the Fall. You don't have to look like you're in uniforms either.  Pinterest can offer lots of inspiration when choosing coordinating outfits.

3.  If you can afford to do so, hire a professional hair and make-up artist, even if it's just for mom. SHE'S the one most likely planning this whole shin-dig anyway! My recommendation if you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex is Tara Hooper. You can learn more about her at:

4.  Get everyone's hair cut 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

5.  Choose a location for the family photo session. Your photographer will have location suggestions, but if you have a favorite spot, throw it out there! Outdoor lighting is best within one hour of sunrise and sunset.

6.  Pick your poses. If you have a favorite pose in mind, please share this information with your photographer. We want YOU to be happy with the art that we create and will be displayed in your home. Don't be shy. Speak up if you have posing ideas!

7.  Bring activities for your kids, whether it be their favorite book or electronic device. Keep them occupied and happy!

8.  Make sure everyone is well-rested and well-fed. There's nothing like going to a photo shoot hungry and tired!  

9.  Not everyone has to be looking and smiling at the camera. Some of the best photographs are the natural, authentic ones with genuine laughs and smiles! And, on that note, parents, please do not stand behind or beside the photographer and scream, "Say Cheese"!  You will most likely get strained, unnatural & unflattering expressions. Cheese is for crackers.

10.  Have FUN with your family. Laugh. Giggle. Play. Kiss. Hug. Snuggle. Joke. Embrace. Let the photographer capture your love as a family through her lens.

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